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Know more About Blueberry

blueberryRegularly, when we consider superfoods we consider spinach, grapes, green tea and different vegetables and concentrates that are basically recorded for their levels of cancer prevention agents. Did you realize that the blueberry is a standout amongst the most nutritious and capable superfoods.

As indicated by Dr. Perricone, one of the universes premier healthy skin specialists, Blueberry alongside the acai berry have one of the most noteworthy known levels of cancer prevention agents of any nourishment. Larger amounts of cancer prevention agents than red wine and green tea consolidated. It is brimming with amino acids, vitamins, and cancer prevention agents, and crucial unsaturated fats. Entire, new blueberries are ideal, yet unadulterated blueberry juice and blend blueberry and pomegranate juice can be found at your neighborhood supermarket in the deliver segment.

Blueberries have many uses as blueberry extract has been used in ancient herbal and medicinal treatments for thousands of years. Many skin care treatments now use blends of blueberry extracts along with other herbs to help revitalize the skin and hasten healing. These treatments have been clinically proven to decrease healing time for skin peels, especially deeper skin peels like the TCA skin peel. They have also shown marked ability at reducing scarring in wound and burn treatment, although more research is needed.

Dr. Perricone in his best selling book The Perricone Prescription states that for optimum skin care one should regularly eat high antioxidant foods like blueberry, acai, pomegranate, and spinach. These foods with their high concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients help combat and can even reverse the aging process.

With the right diet full of antioxidant rich foods one can virtually stop wrinkles in their tracks. A good diet along with a good skin care regimen can produce amazing results. A good skin care regimen includes a mild cleanser, a moisturizer packed with antioxidant extracts, and skin peels to increase exfoliation and reduce oily build up. It is also a good idea to use a high spf sun protectant.

The leading medical colleges are currently researching high percentage antioxidant extracts like blueberry for anti cancer properties and possible and promising treatments. In clinical settings there is evidence that these antioxidant rich foods do have a marked effect on several types of cancer. In addition to anti cancer properties, the blueberry has shown an positive effect on the nervous system, and increase in cognitive function and reasoning, and an increase in muscle function and regeneration.

Truly the blueberry has many current and promising functions and, as a superfood like acai according to Dr. Perricone, should be made a staple of every diet for additional health, great skin care and longevity.

Juice Therapy

Above all else crisp foods grown from the ground ought to be acquired. They ought to be of good quality. It ought to be recollected that saved or loaded leafy foods have officially lost a few of their key vitamins. Natural products ought to dependably be ready yet not overripe. Organic products matured misleadingly with the assistance of chemicals ought to never be chosen. Products of the soil developed with the assistance of characteristic fertilizer compost are better in quality than those developed with the assistance of compound manures. Regularly, it is ideal to have vegetables developed in one’s own particular homestead or near one’s own particular house.

Electric juicer is the best instrument for extracting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, because it also crushes the fibres and rinds of vegetables and fruits and pour out their rich elements into the juice. From this point of view there is no alternative to electric juicer. In its absence, one can manually extract juice from fruits and vegetables by crushing and mashing them.

Before extracting juice from fruits or vegetables, they should be washed out and cut into small pieces. If their rind is not very hard and is edible, it should not be peeled off because some of the rich elements are contained in it. Immediately put the shredded pieces into juicer and extract juice. If necessary, pour some water Filter the juice to avoid fibres. juices of fruits and vegetables should be used immediately after they have been extracted. Preserved or stocked juices come into contact with oxygen in the air. This oxidation of juices destroys most of their precious vitamins. According to expert dieticians, one should ‘eat’ juice instead of drinking it. Juice should not be swallowed hastily but taken slowly draught by draught.

After extracting juice, the juicer should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with warm water otherwise bacteria are produced in the juicer and they mix with juice when extracted next time.

Is Sushi Ideal for Healthy Diets?

Sushi, well known for quite a long time in Japan, has turned out to be tremendously famous in the Western world as of late. You may soon get yourself welcomed to appreciate sushi with companions at a sushi bar or eatery. In spite of the regular response of aversion at the possibility of eating crude fish, sushi is really a straightforward and delectable nourishment that can without much of a stretch be delighted in by grown-ups, youngsters, veggie lovers and even the greatly nauseous.

Despite the fact that sushi’s history does a reversal to the seventh century, the prominent shape that is served in current sushi bars came into fame in 1820, Tokyo. Varieties of the extensive pickling process that was the first assortment of sushi were made with the goal that sushi could be delighted in newly produced using a compact slow down. This ‘fast-food’ approach has brought about Sushi Bars picking up fame everywhere throughout the world.

Sushi is a very healthy meal made mostly with rice, fish and vegetables. Sushi should always be made with fresh ingredients. Not only for the safety of the eater but for the flavors. The delicate flavors of rice, vegetables and fish are enhanced with healthy soya sauce, ginger and wasabi.

What are the health benefits of sushi?

The thin, toasted seaweed sheets, called Nori, used in rolled (maki) sushi are high in Vitamin A, B-complex, Niacin and Vitamin C. It is also good for digestion.

The rice used in making sushi, while not as healthy as brown rice, is still low in fat and sodium free while also being a complex carbohydrate which is needed as fuel for your body.

The various fish or meats used in sushi are excellent sources of protein and minerals.

Whether you’re eating vegetarian sushi or it is mixed with fish, the fresh, uncooked vegetables provide the vitamins and other nutrients you look for in a healthy diet.

Even the condiments served with sushi have health benefits.

While soya sauce has come under attack for certain additives that pose a potential health risk, naturally fermented soya sauce does not have this danger. Soya, the main ingredient in soya sauce, has been linked to lower breast cancer and fewer menopausal symptoms in Asian cultures who use soy as a staple in their diets. Soya is a source of high quality protein, low in saturated fats and is cholesterol free. Soya sauce is high in salt although low sodium versions are also available for those who require it.

Ginger, called ‘gari’, is often served alongside sushi and helps with digestion while also fighting bacteria. This is especially of interest to those concerned with the bacteria found in uncooked meat.

Wasabi, Japanese horseradish, can also kill bacteria found in raw fish and is often provided alongside sushi servings as a garnish or is included as in nigiri sushi.

If you are looking for a fast-food meal that is healthy or you just enjoy the flavors and art form of sushi, you are sure to benefit from a visit to your local sushi bar.

The Essential of Clean Water

Consider the significance of water. Did you realize that water represents more than 70% of your body? We are contained generally of water. What’s more, further more, our blood mineral substance is strikingly like salt water.

A sound water admission can help us from multiple points of view.

  • You can think better. A completely hydrated mind really works better.
  • Quality increments. Did you realize that your muscles work better when your body is completely hydrated?
  • Resistance – even your insusceptible framework can work better.
  • Flush garbage out of your framework. A completely hydrated body is better at disposing of the things it DOESN’T require.
  • You’d be astounded at the amount more vitality you can have when you drink sufficient measures of water.

There are just so many good reasons to take in a good and adequate supply of water. Needless to say, you can probably see why it is important to have clean water.

Advice from experts vary but it is generally agreed that the average person probably needs to take in 2 liters of water per day. Check with your physician before changing your intake though.

Once I worked for a company that sold water filters. One of their products was a ‘whole house filter’. The interesting thing about this filter was that it had a clear area where you could see what was trapped in the filter.

Um, I hope you are ready for this. Municipal water supplies rely on recycled water. Many people know this but don’t want to think about it.

What this means is that all of your waste water, i.e., when you flush the toilet, goes back into the system. It is ‘filtered’ and ‘treated’ and may just come right back at you in the form of a glass of water out of your tap. Not to be too gross here, but this is a fact of life. And you should be aware of it.

What was found in that ‘see through’ filter mentioned above was little flaky white particles that looked suspiciously like toilet paper.

Now, no chemical analysis was done to validate this and who knows what I was really seeing there. But, nevertheless it made me think about my drinking water.

I use a filter for the water I drink now and I love it. I cook with filtered water too. Drinking clean filtered water is really great. The taste, or actually the lack of taste, because clean water doesn’t have taste or odor, can be quite a dramatic contrast to what you might be used to.

Not all filters are created equal. Some take out lead and heavy metals, some just filter for taste. So you really have to do a little research and make sure you are getting a filter that is right for you, one that will fulfill your needs.

Peruvian Maca and Its Benefits

Maca root develops in the mountains of Peru at high heights of 7,000 to 11,000 feet, making it the most elevated height developing plant on the planet. Maca is a radish-like root vegetable that is identified with the potato family, and is tuberous and round in frame. The root itself is around three to six centimeters crosswise over and 4.7 centimeters long. There are four perceived sorts of Maca Root in light of the shade of the root. Root shading differs from smooth yellow or light pink to dull purple or dark.

Synthetically Maca root contains noteworthy measures of amino acids, starches, and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, press, and in addition vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Peruvian Maca additionally incorporates various glycosides.

As a nutritional supplement, Peruvian Maca has generalized tonic effects on the biochemical functioning of the human body. Chief among these effects is the enhancement of endocrine function. The endocrine system includes all of the glands, and the hormones they secrete, that exist in the body and that control such conditions as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, and energy levels. Hormonal regulation is responsible for all of the physiological attributes that enable us to enjoy the myriad sensations of being vibrantly alive, including those related to sexual arousal, physical activity and mental-emotional states of being. Maca root has also been called an adaptogen, which means that it increases the body’s ability to defend itself against both physical and mental weakening, hence potential illness. It is believed it achieves this by supporting adrenal and pituitary gland health, both of which underlie proper endocrine function.

Known Modern Applications :

Traditionally, Maca has been used for a variety purposes, which can differ for men and women. For example, women have found it helps relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Women tend to notice a dramtic decline in hot flashes and night sweats. Men have used it to enhance fertility and sexual function. Users of Maca root tend to derive a variety of benefits in accordance with their individual needs. However, both men and women have found that it significantly boosts libido and sex drive, increases energy, stamina and the feeling of general well-being. In fact, recently Maca has been used as an excellent alternative to anabolic steroids among athletes seeking muscle hypertrophy. Unlike many other energy- and muscle-boosting substances, such as anabolic steroids, Maca contains no chemicals that interfere with or over-activate normal endocrine function.

What is Gelatinized Maca?

Choose gelatinized Maca for greater potency and optimal absorption. Gelatinization is an extrusion process that removes the starch from the root leaving a more concentrated powder that is easier to digest. Gelatinized Maca was the form used in the first human clinical study on Maca that yielded great results. Plus if buying in the powdered form, gelatinized Maca tastes much better and mixes easier into food and beverages.

How Can Maca Benefit You?

Male :

  • Increases energy (Chronic Fatigue)
  • Treat sexual dysfunction (Loss of Libido)
  • Increases stamina & athletic performance
  • Nourishes glandular system
  • Fertility enhancement
  • Improves physical and emotional well being
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Balance hormones

Female :

  • Treat PMS (Mood Swings)
  • Menopause symptom relief (Hot Flashes)
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Nourishes glandular system
  • HRT alternative(Hormone Replacement Therapy)
  • Increases stamina & athletic performance
  • Increases energy (Chronic Fatigue)
  • Balance hormones

Menopause is a natural progression in a woman’s life – it is the cessation of menses generally accompanied by symptoms. This transition is unique for every woman yet there are ways to prevent and diminish the symptoms that typically accompany menopause.

Benefits of Maca

  • Increases libido
  • Deeper sleep
  • Balances moods
  • Enhances memory and brain function
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps adapt to stress
  • Slows the aging process
  • Lessens aches and pain, more endurance and stamina
  • Prevents osteoporosis, high calcium and vegetable protein
  • Reverses vaginal dryness

Essential Of Fruits In Diet

Organic products, crisp or dried have been a characteristic staple eating routine of people since old times. Loaded with minerals, vitamins, catalysts, they are effectively edible. Natural products are not just great wellsprings of sustenance, they additionally serve as solutions and can treat sicknesses.

Natural products, eaten crude or devoured as new squeeze, are phenomenal approaches to hold and adjust the dampness level in the body. The low level of sodium in natural products assumes a vital part for individuals who might want to profit of a sans salt eating regimen. So pregnant women eat 2-3 helpings of new natural products in a day.

Dry fruits like apricots, raisins and dates are storehouses of calciumand iron, essential for the strengthening of bones and maintaining good blood, respectively. Custard apple too is an excellent calcium source. If you are unwell, consume fruits in the form of fresh juice only. One or two fruits a day cleans the digestive tract and aids easy bowel action.

Guavas, custard apples, lemons and oranges are effective sources of vitamin C. When eaten fresh and raw, they provide all the vitamins. Papaya is an excellent source of Vitamin C and carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body.

Consume fruits in raw and ripe form. Avoid cooking — as there is loss of nutrient salts and carbohydrates. It is ideal to eat one kind of fruit at a time. Many prefer to take fruits in breakfast with milk. It is advisable to avoid a combination of fruits and vegetables. In case you need to combine fruits with vegetables, opt for larger portions of fruits.

Fruits like apple, lemon, orange and pomegranate aid in the proper functioning of the heart. Nutrients in apples, dates and mangoes sharpen memory, prevent exhaustion, hysteria, insomnia and mental tension.

All forms of berries are rich in iron, phosphorus and sodium that are beneficial for blood building and nerve strengthening. Lemons are good for liver ailments, indigestion and rheumatism. Watermelons are good kidney cleansers. Pineapple and pomegranates help in soothing inflammation of nose, throat, hay fever and other chronic or bronchial ailments. Grapefruit juice is an effective aid for common cold. Fresh and ripe fruits like grapes, apples, bananas and figs are good for all brain deficiencies. Even the kernel of walnut is a helpful remedy for weakness of the brain.

Eating liberal amount of fruits daily ensures a healthy energetic life and active life lifetime.

Know These Natural Healing Tea

white-teaDrinking tea – look into shows it to be a solid movement, since tea contains cell reinforcements that battle growth and even moderate the maturing procedure. Vitamin C, found in a few teas, battles sicknesses and colds. A few teas contain polyphones, which reinforce teeth by lessening plaque furthermore help processing by expanding the stream of digestive squeezes in the stomach.

Tea, in short, has many healing properties. Here are 10 natural healing tea therapies.

# White Tea

Made by using very young tea leaves that are still covered in down, white tea leaves are not fermented. Instead, they are steamed and dried in the sun. Because of the lack of fermentation, white tea contains a high concentration of chemical compounds, known to help fight cancer. The brewed tea has a silver-white appearance because of the downy leaves. It has a sweet aroma and fresh flavor. White tea varieties include: Silver Needle, White Peony, and Jasmine Silver Needle.

# Paraguay Mate

Very popular in South America, Paraguay Mate is brewed with spices and sipped with a straw from a gourd. The tea is used to aid many health problems, including depression, digestion, and boosting energy levels.

# Wild Holy Tea

Wild Holy Tea has a bitter taste. It is used for medicinal purposes: to detoxify the body, aid in blood circulation and improve digestion. With regular consumption, Wild Holy Tea has been shown to help control blood pressure and obesity.

# Red Tea

Grown in Africa, Red Tea is rich in antioxidants. This kind of tea has been proven to help boost the immune system, and is also caffeine-free. Varieties of Red Tea include: Florida Orange Red Tea, Organic Cape Red Tea, Organic Green Red Tea and Organic Green Summer Red Tea.

# Rosebud Tea

A floral tea, Rosebud tea is made using rosebuds from a rose bush. The tea has a very sweet, floral aroma and a light, sweet taste; it is often brewed with other types of tea. Essential oils in this tea help aid circulation.

# Milk Tea

The most popular tea in India and Sri Lanka is an Indian black tea mixed with spices. It’s called Milk tea because it is usually brewed with milk and spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Milk tea added with other types of tea, such as green tea, contributes to overall health.

# Black Tea

Black tea blends are the most popular in the Western world. After the leaves are picked, they go through full fermentation that makes the leaves darken to almost black. Black tea can be flowery, fruity, and spicy or even have a nutty taste. Black tea, known for lowering the risk of stroke, contains antioxidants, which help reduce clotting of the arteries. Black Tea varieties include: Black Tea, Rose Black Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea, and Earl Grey Black Tea.

# Chamomile Tea

Considered a floral tea, Chamomile has a very aromatic, fruity flavor and is a member of the daisy family. This tea helps with toothaches, insomnia, and muscle cramps, plus it reduces the swelling of skin irritations.

# Green Tea

Green tea with its huge nutritional benefits is the most popular tea in Asia. Varieties include: Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Green Peony Tea and Roasted Japanese Green Tea. After green tea is picked, it is dried using hot air. The leaves are then pan fried, but not fermented, which helps preserve the high nutrient and vitamin content. Vitamin C in green tea helps boost the immune system and promotes overall good health. Fluoride, found naturally in green tea, strengthens bones and prevents dental decay.

# Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, known for aiding indigestion and lowering cholesterol levels, is made from large, mature trees. The leaves are left to wither after being picked, which removes moisture. Semi-fermentation happens after the leaves are left in the shade. Oolong tea has a a full-bodied taste, a pleasant aftertaste, and a sweet fruity aroma. Some varieties are: Jasmine Oolong Tea, Ice Peak Oolong Tea, Hairy Crab Oolong Tea and WUYI Rock Tea.

About Peaches and Your Healthy

Peaches are known to have started from China and later on, discovered their approach to different parts of the world.

Peaches are an incredible wellspring of starches, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. It has been very prescribed to battle disease. Having peach in your every day eat less battles fatal ailments like growth. It has great measure of boron which empowers the estrogen level in postmenopausal ladies, which is awesome aid for ladies. It likewise fortifies your cerebrum and keeps the odds of osteoporosis. It is additionally known to bring down your circulatory strain. It is low on calories which have an enormous effect to individuals who need to keep up their weight.

Peaches are very useful for digestion due to its alkaline content so you can say goodbye to all our stomach problems. It is a good source of dietary fiber which works superbly for constipation problems. It helps to prevent hemorrhoids which can give lot of trouble. It helps to recharge your immune system which can prevent many diseases including shingles. If you have trouble with your heart, this fruit helps to put a stop to the heart strokes. You can also avoid any constipation problem by having this fruit. It is rich in potassium, sodium and calcium which can provide a good complexion. With 88 per cent water content it is known to be thirst-quencher.

It is a great way to clean your kidney and bladder due to its laxative properties. It can perk and energize you if you have good amount of peaches. Can you believe there more than 200 varieties of peaches and more than 175 varieties of nectarines. It also contains good amount of carbohydrates which has the ever essential phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients), anti-oxidants and carotenoids. The presence of carotenoids means, it would be great for your eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin filter present in peaches protects your eyes from scotching heat. It also protects your eyes from other disorders related to your age like macular degeneration and cataracts. The anti-oxidants and nectarines helps you fight diseases which are related to aging.

Home Remedies

Eating peach along with its skin before going to bed would help you to sort your constipation problems.

Dried peaches are rich in iron and are very useful for anemia.

If you are baking peaches, leave the skin on it to provide more benefits to you.

Planning to be on a diet, have peaches. It being low on calorie makes a whole lot of difference in your diet.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Simple Ways to Avoid Sugar

Sugar is a totally urgent piece of our eating routine, and without it we would just have no vitality to move or even to run our most basal body capacities, for example, breathing, squinting and generally staying alive. A dependence on sugar then is normal, however in the meantime there is likewise unquestionably such thing as a lot of something to be thankful for this situation – and in the event that you eat a lot of sugar in its crude “basic” shape you will find that it can bring about mind blowing harm to your body and is profoundly poisonous.

As a matter of first importance, eating sugar obviously prompts weight pick up, as you will wind up eating far in abundance of the measure of sugar that you requirement for ordinary capacity. In the meantime eating an excessive amount of sugar will make harm your nerves and organs (this is the reason diabetic patients can wind up losing appendages or going visually impaired) and can prompt issues with your insulin creation (which is the manner by which sort 2 diabetes regularly starts). That is also what sugar does to your teeth – fuelling the microscopic organisms that lives in your mouth and prompting the arrangement of more plaque.

For these reasons it is very important to bring sugar consumption under control, but that can be difficult in a world where sugar is always freely available and often associated with ‘treats’. With sugar being used in such high quantities in deserts and puddings, as well as being added to all kinds of foods and drinks, it’s very difficult to regulate your intake – and it’s not long before you develop a ‘sweet tooth’ and a physical addiction.

The antidote to this problem is to apply some willpower and determination, and to make just some small changes to your diet that will help you to limit how much sugar you consume. Here we will look at some tips that can help you to accomplish just this.

# Giving Up Sweetener

If you thought that changing to sweetener was a good idea then think again – sweetener will only cause more problems and make it harder for you to stay off sugar. The main reason for this is that by eating sweetener you are tricking your body into thinking that you have had a sudden intake of sugar. That then in turn causes your body to respond with an insulin spike which means that all of the sugar that is in your body is used up leaving you feeling tired and lethargic and, of course, craving more sugar. Furthermore if you are using sweetener then you aren’t training your palette in the way mentioned above. You have to go cold turkey on this thing.

# Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks

Soda drinks are one of the very worst culprits for sneaking extra sugar into your diet and eliminating them is one of the best ways to help yourself get less sugar. If you think this is unnecessary, then it may interest you to know that for every glass of Coca Cola you drink, you are consuming the equivalent of two Cadbury’s Cream Eggs in terms of sugar. Imagine that you’re eating those next time you have a fizzy drink and you’ll realize how actually repulsive these drinks are. Replace them with water which will have many other health benefits, or a natural fruit juice (though these are still quite high in sugar).

# Change Your Thinking

What’s the difference between someone who is successful in their diet and someone who is not? The answer is that it’s all in their mind. It’s not to do with genetics, or circumstances, or money, but just how good you are at coming up with a set of targets and then really sticking to them.

So how can you change this? One way is to look at the way in which you are setting goals. Are you currently focussed on losing weight? Is your goal to be 2 stone slimmer by the end of the year? Because if it is then this is not the most efficient way to set goals as you are looking at something you can’t directly control. Instead make your target to eat no more than one pudding a week for the next ten weeks. Suddenly you have a goal that is directly under your control and that makes you more likely to stick to it – the weight loss will take care of itself.

Meanwhile you also need to stop thinking of sweets and puddings as a ‘treat’ because that of course makes them desirable. Try to replace them in your mind with other treats, such as yogurt or cereal or things that don’t have as many carbs and think of these as your ‘treats’. Meanwhile when you think of your chocolates and cakes, try to focus in your mind on how unhealthy they are and think about how you are going to feel after you’ve and the chocolates – most likely somewhat guilty and a bit lethargic. Finally, try to focus on the rewarding feeling you get when you ignore your cravings and remember – each time you do that you are moving slightly closer to your weight loss goals.

# Remove the Sugar From Your Tea/Coffee

Removing sugar from your tea is a very important step to take if you want to take your restriction of sugar seriously for many reasons. First and foremost it is a great way to show discipline and dedication – if you are committed to changing your diet then you should at least be able to stop eating sugar. By making this daily decision you are training yourself in refusing sugar and other things that you crave.

At the same time you are of course consuming a lot less sugar if you stop getting it from your tea. If you are like many people who drink 3-5 cups of tea or coffee a day, and you used to have two teaspoons of sugar in each, then that’s immediately 6-10 teaspoons of sugar gone. Imagine eating that not in tea – suddenly it becomes apparent just how unhealthy that is for you.

Finally though, and perhaps most importantly, by removing the sugar from your tea and coffee you are also removing your sweet tooth. You are getting used to drinking something that tastes relatively more bland on a daily basis and this will ensure that other things start to taste sweeter by comparison. And this in turn will stop you from craving the sugar.

# Eat Complex Carbs for Breakfast

When we crave something sweet it is often because we don’t have enough glucose in our blood already. This then means that we are likely to want to get that sugar hit to give us the feeling of more energy, rather than remaining feeling tired and we turn to less healthy and unnatural sources to do this.

What you need to do then is to manage your energy levels so that you don’t have those moments where there’s no glucose in your blood. The way to accomplish this is by eating ‘complex carbs’. These are the carbs that don’t taste sweet, but nevertheless contain glucose – such as bread and pasta. When you eat these more complex forms, your body then has to work harder and take longer in order to break them down and release the sugar and this then means that you get a ‘steady supply’ of sugar and energy throughout the day rather than a sudden hit. This doesn’t cause the same insulin spike that leads to an energy trough, but it does mean your body is at no point ‘craving’ energy in the same way. Eat a complex carb for breakfast and you won’t start carving Kit Kats come 10am.

# Be Happy

The sugar cravings aren’t the only things that make you want that pick me up in the form of carbs though. Often we want sugar just because we are feeling ‘low’ or generally lethargic and this can also be due to tiredness, lack of sleep or even depression.

In other words then if you really want to see changes in your diet then you can’t just change what you eat. You’ve known what’s bad for you for a long time now, and you haven’t been able to eliminate it before so there’s no reason you will be able to nowunless you change the way that you are.

So you need to stop feeling low and tired and you need to change the other aspects of your life so that you come home energized and not wanting sugar. That means making sure you get more sleep, it means improving the other aspects of your diet so your body is more efficient, it means exercising and it means getting therapy or talking to a friend if you need to get something off of your chest. Make an effort to completely improve your circumstances and things like diet changes will come much more easily.

Know these Liver Foods

A great many people don’t consider what sustenances are useful for keeping their liver solid. However, in the event that you have been finding and utilizing an eating regimen that is useful for your general wellbeing, then, no doubt you are helping your liver.

So here again is a rundown of adhering to a good diet that will bring about a solid helpful liver.

Oils – utilize for the most part olive oil for your sustenance arrangement. This oil can be warmed to a relative medium level without bringing on free radicals. Utilize flax seed oil or fish oil each day.

Maintain a strategic distance from margarine or some other simulated spread since their handling makes chemicals the liver can’t perceive as nourishment. Utilize Ghee, which doesn’t require refrigeration, or crude margarine.

Sunflower, safflower, and other seed oils should be kept in the refrigerator to keep them from becoming rancid.

When you eat too much fat, the fat accumulates in the liver. The liver is responsible for breaking down the fat and using it for energy. Accumulated fat in the liver can become rancid producing free radicals that damage liver cells.

# Food

Try to buy and eat good organic food. Food that has been sprayed with pesticides is difficult to clean and these chemicals will get into your body as free radicals.

# Protein

Cut down on the amount of protein that you eat. Most of us only need about 2-3 ounces of protein, but if you do physical labor you need plenty more. The problem with more is some of this protein may not completely digest in our stomach and move into the colon. There this undigested protein is decomposed by bad bacteria creating toxic matter. These toxins can be absorbed into the blood and cause the liver extra work in detoxifying them.

# Sulfur Foods

Since the liver produces enzymes, which are used in every body chemical reaction, you can support this activity by eating foods such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli cabbage, seeds and nuts.

# Vitamins – minerals – nutrients

The liver, just like all parts of the body, needs vitamins and minerals. Get these from fruits and vegetables or even fruit and vegetable juices. Ionic minerals, easily absorbed, can be purchased in bottles from WaterOZ and other brands. These ionic minerals can then be easily added to your juices without adding any unusual taste.

# Sugar

Limit, reduce or eliminate the use of sugar since it interferes with enzyme activity throughout your body. Use fruits, whole grains, barley malt, rice syrup, dates, dried fruit, and honey.

# Lecithin

Use lecithin every day for the Phosphatidyl choline, PC that it provides. PC helps build the liver cell membranes creating a healthier liver. Use lecithin in granules by adding them to salads and other liquid food preparations including smoothies.

There you have it, a small list of foods to eat to help your liver give you long life. Most likely you are already eating some of these foods and if so, then, it will be easy to add just one more good healthy eating habit.